4 Skincare tips for surfers

Bali is undeniably a haven for surfers. The tropical island of the Gods is home to some of the best surfing locations and beaches. With so many surfing spots, Bali draws surfers from around the world to come to catch its swells. As a tropical island, Bali is blessed with beautiful sunny skies – something that surfers should take note of. The combination of prolonged sun exposure, with salt and sand, can have damaging effects on your skin.

In this article, we’ll be going over skincare tips for surfers and how you can take precautions before catching some waves in the ocean.

Skincare for surfer

Know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is perhaps one of the most important aspects of skincare, as it will determine what products to choose. In general, skin type can be categorized into dry, oily or a combination of both. To get an accurate assessment of your skin type it is best to visit a dermatologist, as they can also help you identify any sensitivities or fragilities that you may or may not be aware of.

Cleanse thoroughly

Once you know your exact skin type, you’ll be able to choose products that will clean it perfectly without being too harsh or stripping away its natural protections.

Make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly after each surfing session with shower creams formulated for your skin type. If you shower with a sponge, make sure to clean it completely as well to avoid spreading unwanted bacteria. Also, don’t forget to cleanse your head, since sea salt can damage not only your hair but your scalp as well. When possible, opt for gentle cleaning products that leave your scalp dry or dehydrated.


Just as important as proper cleansing is moisturizing your face. Moisturizers hydrate your skin and rejuvenate them with nutrients that will boost its recovery after getting sun exposure.

As with our points above, choose products that are formulated for your skin type. If you have oily or sensitive skin, make sure to buy products designed for that skin type. Apply moisturizers to your hands and feet as well, as they are often neglected in favor of the face.

Protect against the elements

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to protect your skin against the elements. All surfers are exposed directly to the sun’s damaging UV rays, regardless of the weather. Bring and apply sunblock at all times.

Sunblock is measured in sun protection factor or SPF. The higher the number the more UV rays are blocked by sunblock. For example, SPF 15 blocks 93%, SPF 30 blocks 97% and so on. We recommend applying a sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30 to 50 for optimal protection. Don’t forget to check that it’s water-proof!

Additionally, here at Pelan Bali we also have facial treatments with aloe vera that will help your skin recover from UV exposure. Make sure to visit our website for details of the treatment!

What did you think of the skincare tips we discussed in this article? We hope the tips we shared in this article have been insightful for our fellow surfers out there!

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