About our retreat in Canggu, Bali

Our surf and yoga retreat is surrounded by lush rice fields, picturesque beaches and wonderful Hindu temples. If you are looking for an easy place to unwind and forget about your everyday life, you have found the perfect holiday destination to relax, yoga and surf.

We would love to show you the unique Balinese culture and culinary experience, and let you immerse in the beautiful ‘Pelan Pelan’ mentality. 'Pelan Pelan' means 'take it easy' and you'll experience that everything is more relaxed here in Bali than what you are used to back home. Apart from Emma, all our staff are local Indonesian, creating an authentic Balinese ambiance and the best Indonesian food.

Pelan Pelan is also a perfect resort to hang out if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday to practice yoga and pamper yourself with massages, join cooking classes and treat yourself to good food - if you're not that much into surfing. You can also book additional yoga, mediation, massages or beauty treatments as you please.

Have a look at the trips/spa section for more information about what to do at Pelan Bali Surf & Yoga Retreat or around Canggu and across Bali.


Our retreat is located in Cemagi - just outside busy Canggu. Canggu and its surrounding area is home to one of the best surf locations in Bali and our surf school employees are the best teachers around. There are multiple secret surf spots boasting waves for both beginners and advanced surfers.

Canggu isn’t only famous for its waves but also for the young surf scene and its nightlife. You’ll find many cafes, bars, restaurants and shops just 10 minutes away from Pelan Pelan Surf & Yoga retreat. You can book a driver to drop and pick you up in Canggu or anywhere else you like to go. You may also use our bicycles for short distance rides.

If you want to dance under the moonlight on the beach, Canggu is the perfect place to let your hair down.

Forget about your everyday life,
you have found the perfect holiday.


At Pelan Pelan, we offer surf and yoga classes suitable for individuals of all levels.
Get the best of both worlds and combine surf and yoga with the GET IT ALL PACKAGE.
If you're stoked on surfing as much as possible, go for the SURF PACKAGE.
If you're more into yoga, cooking and pampering, choose the YOGA RELAX PACKAGE.