Improve Your Wellness with a Yoga Retreat in Bali

Aside from being one of the most desirable surfing destinations in the world, Bali is also known for its culture of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. People from all parts of the world visit Bali to seek inner peace and improve their wellness. You too can begin your wellness journey here – starting with a yoga course at Pelan Bali!

Yoga Retreat in Bali

In this article, we’ll shed some light on how yoga can improve your wellness, and refine your senses.

Improves Your Relationships

Practicing yoga helps you feel more grounded and at peace with yourself. The beauty of this process is that it translates to better relationships with those around you, especially with your romantic partner. Once you’ve developed a compassionate love for yourself, you will start seeing others with the same level of love as you do for yourself.

Anxiety Relief

There has been a wide range of practical studies that underline the benefits of yoga as an effective relief for both anxiety and depression. During yoga practice, the individual is forced to focus only on their present state of mind and body. With that done, yoga practice will enhance the skills necessary to respond to stress in a more flexible way. Yoga does indeed regulate our body’s stress response systems.

Yoga Retreat in Bali at Pelan Pelan Bali

Pain Response

A study conducted by the University of Utah revealed that those who practice yoga regularly have a better tolerance for pain. The research studied individual patients’ responses to pain between two focus groups: those who practiced regular yoga techniques and non-yogis. The study concluded that the techniques taught in yoga not only helped relief physical stress but also developed resilience towards stress, which consequently builds your body’s overall pain tolerance.

As you can read above, practicing yoga can bring about significant tangible benefits to improve your overall wellness. It’s never a bad idea to practice some self-love and invest in a course to better yourself – after all, who else is going to take care of your wellbeing if not you yourself?

Here at Pelan Pelan Bali, we invite people from all walks of life to come and join our courses and community of yogis and surfers. Not only will you be improving your wellbeing, but you’ll also be meeting other people who share the same interests.

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