What to Expect in Your First Yoga Class?

So, you’ve taken an interest in yoga, and are about to begin your first class. What should you expect if you’ve never taken yoga before?

There are many advantages to practicing yoga. For one, it’s an excellent way to destress your body and build your mental focus. It also trains a variety of muscle groups, which improves your flexibility and blood flow.

Yoga stuff

However, if this is your first time, it is completely understandable if you’re feeling nervous or intimidated. Here are some things you should expect in yoga class.

Arrive early

Aim to head to the yoga studio ahead of time so you can connect with the instructor, talk to other students, and set your mat in a position you’re comfortable with. This is also a good chance to get familiar with your surroundings, such as the different props, the lighting and the overall atmosphere of the yoga studio. You can also do some breathing exercises or stretches to prime your body.

Save your appetite

You’ll be stretching, twisting and attempting different poses during your yoga class. Therefore, it’s in your best interest not to eat right before the class, as it can hinder your performance. If you really are feeling hungry, stick with eating something like a banana half an hour before class.

Yoga Classes

Breathing exercises

Part of any yoga practice is being able to monitor your breathing. Yoga will teach you how to breathe deeply and control your breathing to synchronize it with the different poses and stretches.

Release any tensions

Your body has a tendency to tense up when you’re feeling nervous. It’s understandable, as it’s your first time. However, learn to relax your shoulders and unclench your fingers and jaws, that way you’ll be more comfortable, and it opens up your mind and body for a better experience.

Those are just some of the key points to expect for your first yoga class. Remember, everyone in that class was once a beginner just like you! Trust the instructor, and make sure you tell them it’s your first time. Don’t force yourself into a pose if you’re not feeling comfortable. Over time, that will come.

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