Top 3 Surf Outlets in Bali

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re eager to hit up the surfing scene here in Bali. And why not? Bali is a haven for surfers all around the world. Think of California, but with a more tropical ambiance and a more calming atmosphere overall. Anyway, you’re probably here because you’re looking for surf outlets here in Bali. So here are the top 3 surf outlets in Bali that we’ve curated!


Warung of Simple Pleasures


clothes store


If you’ve ever visited Canggu, you’re most likey familiar or seen the Deus Ex Machina shop there – well this is an extension of that shop, but located in Seminyak. This Sydney rooted shop houses the usual Deus fashion items, accessories and custom bikes. But they also sell retro surfboards that will make you want to grab one and hit the swells!

Drifter Surf Shop


drifter surf shop


Drifter is a shop aimed more towards the surfing culture and essence here in Bali. The store was conceived initially by two surfing enthusiasts Jake Mackenzie and Tim Russo, who were some of the pioneers in the surfing industry. The store is now a well-known, and notable place for picking up any type of surfing gear you’re looking for. They even carry brands and works that are made by independent artists that are not typically found in most shops – a testament to their initial vision to preserve the surfing culture and essence here in Bali.


Rip Curl Legian


rip curl legian


This brand needs no introduction, it is a staple and well known in the surfing scene. This Rip Curl store serves as their flagship store in Bali. A unique feature that this store offers is the surfboard shaping room. Rip Curl has a dedicated room that allows surfers to watch as their board is being shaped and tested. The store is also concepted to use as many local and sustainable building materials as possible, which gives the store an authentic Balinese ambiance.

Well, there you have it! These stores are just some of many surfing stores scattered throughout Bali.We selected these stores based on their presentation, contribution and their overall representation of the surfing scene here in Bali.

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