Learn to Properly Care for Your Surfboard

Now that you’ve got your own surfboard, you need to learn how to maintain and take care of it properly! You may not think much about maintaining your surfboard, but it’s actually important not just for the longevity of the board but also for safety reasons. After all, it’s your investment as a surfer and the tool you’ll use to ride the waves.
In this article, we’ll share with you some tips to help you take care of your surfboard the proper way.


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Proper Storage

Unless you’re a professional surfer, chances are you won’t be using your surfboard every day of the week. Most of the time your board will be stored at home either on display or in a storage area. Which brings us to the point of proper storage. I think we can all agree that surfboards are relatively large in terms of size, and they’re also quite heavy for someone not used to carrying one. Therefore, you need to ensure that whichever place you store it in, should be away from pets, windows or areas where children may be playing in.


Minimize Direct Sunlight

I know this sounds silly, considering surfing is an outdoor activity out in the sunny beaches of Bali, but exposing your surfboard to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to your board. For one, the heat can cause delamination of the protective coating on your board. Another would be the yellowing and weakening of the fiberglass parts of your surfboard. The best practice would be to place them underneath the shade, or simply cover them with a tarp until you’re ready to hit the swells!


Routine Check

After every time you surf with your board, make it a habit to inspect the board visually for any sign of damage. This can be in the form of scratches, cracks dings and other similar damage. It’s also a good idea to also use your hand to feel the board physically, as some damage may not be visible with just a glance especially if you have a brightly colored board.


Dedicated Surf Bag

Surfboard bag

This is another investment that you should consider to protect your surfboard. Think about all those steps and precautions you’ve done to care for your surfboard. It would be a waste if you didn’t complete it with a bag to carry the surfboard with you in transport. A dedicated surfboard bag will protect your board for many years to come.
Remember these points next time you carry your surfboard with you! Taking care of your surfboard will ensure that it’s in good working condition when its time to surf the swells in Bali!
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