How Old do Your Kids Need to be to Sign up For Surfing in Bali

Family and children of all ages will enjoy Bali’s coast and beautiful beaches for their magnificent sunset views and calm waves. For those craving a more challenging time at the beach, and who want to learn something new, some of Bali’s beaches present the perfect spot for surfing and those wishing to learn.


surfing for kids


Pelan Pelan Bali provides surfing lessons from age 6 and above based on their ‘’Surf Levels’’, ranging from beginner to intermediate level. This gives the whole family a chance to enjoy Bali’s beaches, and you will learn to ride the waves in no time.



Knowing Your Surfing Levels

The Beginner level will teach the basics of surfing, such as:

The Beginner/Intermediate level is for:

  • those who have tried surfing several times;
  • can ride straight with minimal assistance; and
  • can turn left or right on the waves.

The Intermediate level is for:

  • those who have been surfing for weeks, months or years;
  • those able to surf green waves and who can turn left or right independently; and
  • those used to surfing and who would like to learn more about gaining control of the board, doing basic turns and practicing their skills (such as bottom, top turns, and cutbacks).


Pelan Pelan Bali can provide you with great surfing lessons with professional, highly experienced and friendly instructors to guide your kids from the basics of paddling, to standing up on a board and catching the light waves. They can answer any of your questions and get you fully prepared before dipping your board into the water.


family surfing in bali


Family surfing packages are included with a spacious room, ideal for a family of four. Situated next to a river with a semi-outdoor bathroom for your family’s privacy & pleasure. Children will enjoy the open environment with local dogs that are very friendly with kids. Yoga and massage sessions for kids are also available.

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