Diet Tips for Our Bali Yoga Students

“You are what you eat”, they say.

Having a healthy diet is as equally important as practicing yoga at a routine. For most yoga enthusiasts, a healthy diet plays a significant role of yoga. This is because proper nourishment supports and nurtures your regular practice. Mindful eating helps your mind and body to connect better during yoga. Healthy diet serves as a strong foundation of your mind and emotional well-being. Therefore, practicing a healthy diet is highly important for yoga practitioners. But what is actually a proper diet for yoga students? How do you nourish properly? Here are some diet tips that are practiced by most yoga practitioners.

1. Find foods and drinks that are chemical free

When available, always opt for organic food. Foods that contain stimulants and chemicals are believed to divert your focus. Here at Pelan Pelan Bali we serve only healthy food right from the farmers. Lots of fruit for breakfast and lots of vegetables for lunch. All the juices are with only natural sugars from the fruits, they are so delicious themselves that we don’t even need to put any sweeteners.

2. Consume fresh food

Fresh Fruits | Pelan Pelan Bali
Fresh Fruits | Pelan Pelan Bali

A yogic diet should always contain fresh food. Prepare your meal right before you eat. It is advised to stay away from packaged, frozen, prepared, and left-over food. In Pelan Pelan we make everything fresh!

3. Mix vegetarian food into your diet

Rather than choosing too much meat as your source of protein, you are suggested to obtain protein from tempe and tofu as these sources of nutrition are readily digestible compared to meat which takes a longer time to be digested properly. Gado-gado is one of the best examples of vegetarian Indonesian food that you can find in Bali.

Pelan Pelan Bali's Healthy Food | Pelan Pelan Bali
Pelan Pelan Bali’s Healthy Food | Pelan Pelan Bali

4. Eat two hours before practicing and sleeping

Those who practice a yogic diet believes that energy for digestion should not be used when doing yoga. Hence, you should avoid eating 2 hours before joining a yoga class. This is to maximize the capacity of your body function in performing the right postures. This applies as well to sleeping. Your body should already have digested food before you go to sleep as it will enhance your sleeping quality to efficiently repair worn out tissues instead.

Practicing the right diet for yoga students may take a while. Take your time and see significant changes in your mind and body. Pelan Pelan Bali welcomes you to practice yoga at our yoga retreat. Enjoy as well healthy and delicious food served especially for yoga enthusiasts!

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