10 Reasons Why Surfing is Good for Your Physical and Mental Health

Surfing has a lot of benefits, both physical and mental. It helps you strengthen your body and relax your mind.

In this blog we will give you 10 reasons why it is good for you to learn to surf in Canggu, at our surf and yoga retreat Pelan Pelan Bali.

  1. It strengthens your muscles

Surfing strengthens your main muscle groups. While paddling you make your arms, shoulders and back stronger. The pop-up and the balancing on the board while riding the waves on the other hand will help you to build up the muscles in your legs.

So catching waves is not only fun, but also a great full-body workout. To recover your muscles after surfing you can get a massage from one of our inhouse spa therapists, and stretch out your muscles in a yoga class. The perfect combination to get ready to go surfing again the next day.

  1. It improves your balance and flexibility

When you learn to surf you will notice that your balance and flexibility improve really quickly. This is due to the fact that with surfing you build up your core strength.

If you combine this with our yoga-classes, you will feel soon more stable on your surfboard.

  1. It’s a good cardiovascular workout

Surfing is one of the best cardiovascular workouts there is. It keeps your heart rate up, which improves your blood circulation.

  1. It will build up your stamina

Because surfing is so much fun, you are more likely to exercise longer than you would do at for example an indoor gym, staring at the wall. Once you experienced the feeling of riding a wave, you will want to catch more waves to get that high again. This way you will push through, even when you are feeling a bit tired. Due to that you will improve your endurance, and this all while having fun.

Shaka | Sources: Pinterest | Pelan Pelan Bali
Shaka | Sources: Pinterest | Pelan Pelan Bali
  1. It gives you a boost of vitamin D

Sunshine is a good source of vitamin D. Our body needs this vitamin to absorb calcium, which makes our bone structure stronger. Being outdoors in a tropical place like Bali is a much better alternative to get your necessary dose of vitamin D than to take it in in the form of food supplements.

  1. It will help you sleep better

It is common knowledge that exercise improves your sleeping pattern. Since surfing is physically demanding, your body will want to recover during the night, and you will have a much better sleep.

  1. It is a perfect stress-relief

Being in the ocean requires complete focus and clears your mind from any other thoughts. The fact that you are so close to nature also makes you relax your mind.

This will help you to get rid of stress.

  1. It teaches you mindfulness and patience

Since you constantly need to keep track of the upcoming waves, surfing really makes you live in the moment. Seeing that you can’t control the waves, you will also learn to be patient and appreciate what nature offers you.

Pelan Bali Learn Surf Quotes | Pelan Pelan Bali
Pelan Bali Learn Surf Quotes | Pelan Pelan Bali
  1. It makes you feel happier

Surfing makes your body release endorphins. These are hormones that work as a natural feel good drug. You will hear a lot of surfers say they feel “stoked” after a surf session. This means they are excited and pleased after being in the water and catching waves.

  1. It improves your way of living

It is hard not to fall in love with the laid-back lifestyle that comes with surfing. At our surf and yoga retreat Pelan Pelan Bali, you will meet a lot of like-minded people, who treat each-other and our planet with love and respect, and try to enjoy the simple things in life.

If you implement this attitude into your daily life, you will be more in harmony with yourself, nature and the people around you.

So come and learn all about this “Aloha-spirit” at our surfcamp in Canggu, while working on your mind and body.

Aloha | Sources: Pinterest | Pelan Pelan Bali
Aloha | Sources: Pinterest | Pelan Pelan Bali
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